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With over 20 years of industry experience, our award-winning team of professionals specializes in crafting compelling narratives with data-driven precision, ensuring your video content not only entertains but also achieves your business objectives.

From planning your video marketing strategy to mastering multi-format content, we’re with you every step of the way. Whether you need advertisements, promotional videos, virtual events, or live concerts, we deliver excellence that leaves a lasting impact.

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Video pre-production services

PRE-PRODUCTION: The Foundation for Success
  • Deep Dives, Clear Vision: Our research-driven pre-production process uncovers valuable insights that inform realistic timelines, budgets, and a clear creative direction.
  • Storytelling that Captivates: Skilled scriptwriters and storyboard artists craft engaging narratives that resonate with your audience.
  • Seamless Flow, Maximum Impact: We meticulously plan every stage, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to final product, maximizing the impact of your video.

Video production services in Montreal

Production: Where Vision Becomes Reality
  • Flawless Execution, Every Time: Our efficient process delivers stunning visuals in studio or on-location, ensuring a smooth and successful shoot.
  • Collaborative Powerhouse: Experienced directors, DPs, and producers work seamlessly with our top-tier crew, from camera operators to sound engineers, to bring your vision to life.
  • Storytelling Through the Lens: We translate your message into captivating visuals that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Video post-propduction services

Post-Production: Where Magic Happens
  • Crafting Cohesive Stories: Our master editors transform raw footage into captivating narratives, weaving a clear and impactful message.
  • Elevating Every Frame: Professional colorists and sound designers enhance the mood, emotional depth, and visual quality of your video, to leave a lasting impression.
  • Seamlessly Spectacular: From dynamic motion graphics and animation to awe-inspiring VFX, we push the boundaries of visual storytelling to create a truly immersive experience.
IND Films
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Jacques RossiniJacques Rossini
20:30 23 Nov 23
Great support organizing the first edition of The Haiti Maritime Conference, with management of international users, speakers and an interpretation company. Israel Bonequi and his team showed much needed patience and swift technical response where we, the organizers, lacked in experience. Thanks again! (Haiti Maritime Foundation)
Oren ShbiroOren Shbiro
13:12 12 May 23
Amazing production value, friendly and knowledgeable employees. Our videos and pictures came out amazing.
Joanne HewardJoanne Heward
18:20 20 Apr 23
The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame & Museum has been partnering with IND Films on their annual Hall of Fame Induction Event since 2018. The leadership by Israel Bonequi and his team at IND Films has developed into a true partnership. The collaboration and teamwork is exceptional. IND Films has brought their expertise, creativity and innovation to our physical and virtual events making them standout, unique and successful.Personally, I have worked with IND Films and Israel for over 10 years. Engaging this organization to bring projects to life continues to be an excellent ongoing experience.Joanne Hale-Heward,Executive Director, Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum.
Stephanie BeaulieuStephanie Beaulieu
19:57 19 Apr 23
We had the best experience shooting a street quiz video for Ecova with IND Films!!! The team is great, super professional and very responsive. The editing was very quick and impressive. Looking forward to working with the team again!
Charles RobertsCharles Roberts
09:53 14 Sep 21
IND were amazing to work with and always went above and beyond. We collaborated on a project from Evoke Films in London. We were instructing IND to shoot for us as we were unable to travel with COVID restrictions. There were many difficulties beyond our control due to the restrictions, but every hurdle was met with positivity and solutions. The end result was great and our client was very happy. Thanks!
Isilay YanbasIsilay Yanbas
18:43 30 Sep 20
I worked with IND Films on countless projects for a variety of high-profile clients ranging from non-profits to corporate organizations over the past decade. For each of these projects, Israel has always been excellent at using his creativity to find quick and effective solutions to any practical problems we faced and delivered unquestionable quality at a great value. I recommend IND Films to anyone who is looking for a reliable production company to produce any type of visual content and is in need of a team with a tireless can-do attitude.
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